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Each home is unique so we offer many solutions that will solve your problems.

Gutter Protection

When it comes to gutter protection every system is different, but they all have the same idea. The idea is to stop gutter cleaning, but we all have heard the horror stories from friends, family and neighbors about how they purchased an expensive system that has failed to solve the problem.

Many large companies claim they have the best gutter protection on the market. They will sell you on how their system is the best, but fail to mention the drawbacks of their system. Many of these companies are very expensive and not worth the money. They will hard sell you on buying their system.

Peak Performance Roof Cleaning understands that every home has a different situation and one product does not solve them all. We want homeowners to have a choice when it comes to protecting there home so we offer many affordable gutter protection products to make sure that we can solve the problem you are dealing with.

Rhino Guard & Micro Mesh Gutter Protection

Throughout our time in the Home Improvement Industry we have seen many products on the market. We have sold and used many, however the one system that we recommend is the Rhino Guard gutter protection system.

Rhino is manufactured from 3000 series aluminum, stainless steel mesh, and 3000 series “embossed” aluminum (for the lip and body). The mesh is hemmed over the expanded metal and the roll formed to achieve its shape. This creates and unprecedented lateral tension of the mesh, forcing it to be in constant contact with the substrate. This is a patented process which gives the homeowner the durability we need here in Michigan with the constant temp change.

The Micro Mesh Gutter Protection system is a Heavy Duty Offset Louver system, combined with marine grade stainless steel, prevents the tiniest particles from entering the gutter. The Micro Mesh Gutter Protection system is the most effective system against small debris, including pine needles and seed pods. This system is Made in the USA and is corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel micro mesh

Standard Diamond X & Screens

If you want the most economical solution a simple screen or maybe a little better screen is all that you will need.

These give you the protection of leaves but some of the debris will still venture into the gutter making it important to clean the gutters and elbows often to keep them working properly.

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No gutter protection!!

Future problems from growth in your gutter system.

Micro Mesh

Gutter Protection that works!

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