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Each home is unique so we offer many solutions that will solve your problems.

 Gutter Solutions

When it comes to gutter protection every system is different, but they all have the same idea. The idea is to stop gutter cleaning, but we all have heard the horror stories from friends, family and neighbors about how they purchased an expensive system that has failed to solve the problem.

Many large companies claim they have the best gutter protection on the market. They will sell you on how their system is the best, but fail to mention the drawbacks of their system. Many of these companies are very expensive and not worth the money. They will hard sell you on buying their system.

Peak Performance Roof Cleaning understands that every home has a different situation and one product does not solve them all. We want homeowners to have a choice when it comes to protecting there home so we offer many affordable gutter protection products to make sure that we can solve the problem you are dealing with.  However, now that we are an official K-Guard dealer there is no better solution for your gutter problems.  Make the last time you cleaned your gutters, the last time you clean your gutters.

K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter system (The Clog-Free Solution)

Make the last time you cleaned your gutters, the last time you clean your gutters.  We are West Michigans only dealer of this 2 piece water management system.  Bigger and Better and Stronger!  This system is a full sized 5 inch gutter to handle more water than most any other leaf free system.  We manufacture this system on site which produces a hood over the gutter which water adheres to the curve of the hood and flows into the gutter while all leaves and debris are shielded from entering.  Our downspouts are oversized to quickly flush out rainwater and any small pieces of debris that may occasionally enter the system.  The hangers that this system uses are a patented all weather polymer that are set every 24 inches inside the gutter which provides the strength and support for every aspect of the gutter system and will last practically forever.  No other system on the market can give the performance and curb appeal that this system will provide to your home.  K guard is a completely engineered, fully integrated leaf-free gutter system.  No other system can offer the strength , durability and water capacity of K-Guard.

No gutter protection!!

Future problems from growth in your gutter system.


We're so confident in the performance of our gutter system, we guarantee it will remain clog-free for life!

Micro Mesh

Alternative to K-Guard!

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