Roof Cleaning

Why Roof Shampoo ® is your only choice!

Why should I have my roof cleaned?

There are many reasons why one should get there roof cleaned. Stop the damage that the moss , lichen, and algae are causing. These organisms, are feeding off the organic material in your shingles. This material is the food source for the organisms and creates a perfect breeding ground for them. The longer the organism is left untreated the more damage it will cause.

Roofs that are covered with moss, lichen and algae can no longer efficiently reflect sunlight. Algae covered shingles absorb heat, which creates a heat box in your attic. This will potentially increase your cooling costs.

Your insurance company can cancel your policy if your roof is left untreated and continues to eat away at your roof.

Restore the beauty in your home, having a dirty roof detracts from your homes curb appeal. Get a roof shampoo® to bring back your homes beauty.

Having your roof cleaned with the roof shampoo process is the cost saving alternative to premature roof replacement.

How the Roof Shampoo process works

The Roof Shampoo® roof cleaning method is one of few Eco-Friendly methods available to homeowners. Our proprietary Roof Shampoo® is a formulated and buffered soap that is safe for all asphalt and fiberglass shingles. This is a NON BLEACH process. We can apply our product and not worry about harming your home or shingles. The Roof Shampoo® cleaning method will not harm your landscaping around the home or your vegetation. It is safe and effective at removing roof moss, lichen and algae immediately. The Roof Shampoo® system never uses a damaging high pressure, scrubbing, or brushing. Our proprietary rinsing system along with our Eco-friendly stain removing products ensure that we clean ALL the moss, lichen and algae under the edge of every shingle.

A spray on leave on product or a system that claims to use no pressure soft wash simply does not use an efficient rinse system and CANNOT COMPLETELY remove moss, lichen and algae. With the Roof Shampoo® system there is no waiting, no wondering and no worrying if the organisms will go away. When we leave your roof is completely clean and all areas have been treated thoroughly. The best part about the Roof Shampoo® is you do not have to worry about damaging your roof and everything below with a harmful toxic chemical.

If our product and process costs more than just splashing bleach on the roof, it is because skilled and trained technicians using the NON-bleach Roof Shampoo® process take the time to actually get on your roof to inspect it and do the job right. Our system allows us to clean every square inch of your roof that is being attacked by moss, lichen and algae. We don’t just spray from a ladder and hope we reach it all. Using the Roof Shampoo® method, Peak Performance Roof Cleaning will clean your roof correctly, without damaging your shingles or landscaping.

The Final Result

This is the roof after we provided our award winning roof cleaning service. Just like NEW!
This is a photo of a roof that had roof stains caused by lichen. This is what the roof looked like prior to a roof cleaning!

What Causes Roof Stains?


Moss has a shallow root system which keeps moisture trapped within your roof for extended periods of time. During this time the moisture begins to cause wood rot and your shingles begin to erode. Scheduling a roof cleaning will help you avoid permanent damage caused by roof moss.


Roof stains caused by algae are most common in heavily shaded areas. This is usually the northern and western surfaces on your roof. And just like moss, moisture accelerates it’s growth. As the algae grows, it begins to spread throughout the roofs surface area feeding away at the organic material. Humid West Michigan summers have created a great environment for roof algae to spread quickly.


Lichens are a composite organism of fungi and algae growing together in symbiosis that will appear green, or gray like and sometimes even yellow that form on roofs from eating away at the organic matter the shingle is manufactured with. They work together to spread throughout the roofs surface. Shaded areas and dampness will speed up the growth process. These organism will form its root and embed itself within the shingle and causing roof stains.

Leaving these organisms on your roof can impact the overall integrity of your roof.

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